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Meet the Team

Governing Board 

As a part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Glenview is governed by an elder leader board that meets monthly for prayer and business. In addition to the pastors and elders, the congregation elects a treasurer, assistant treasurer, and secretary to serve on the board. A trustee representative and deacon representative also serve on the board.

Deacons Team

Kenny Allison

Ricardo Rivas 

Jay Harvey

Sue Street

Heidi Marston

Will Walls

Trustee Team

Dave Wagner

Wade Clark

Joe Greenplate

David Landis

Dave Runk

Randy Ambuel

Bill Flanscha

Matt Knepper

Tucker Langway

Joe Sammons

Gregg Witt

Charlie Benjamin

Dan Flemmens

James Lafon

Jeff Miller

Gerald Whitcraft

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